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Day 10. What is doing nothing?

I forgot to talk about my realization from yesterday. It might sound obvious but it took laying in the sand at the park to truly understand what working from the road meant. It means I can work and instantly feel like I’m on vacation. I don’t have to pack. I don’t have to fly anywhere. Presto chango. That made me think a lot about the future. I have no idea if I’m going to continue to like this but if I do, it may change how I’ll do things. Today was full of a lot of self talk because “I did nothing.” I felt like I was failing. Like I should be crossing stuff off an important list and I was wasting this opportunity.

The ridiculousness of those thoughts echoed as I was standing on the shore of the Rio Grande river having rode my bike to the park.

I gave myself a mini-pedi...with gel polish. Doesn’t everyone bring a UV light on a camping trip?! I think I did the worst job that I’ve ever done on my toes. Made me laugh. Guess what I learned? The sun UV is like the UV light...I discovered that as as the brush was hardening in the sun?!!! It's no longer a brush, more like a stick. So, Amazon...replacement brushes?

Now dinner.

Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain

It rained today off and on...big grey clouds passing by, surrounded by blue.

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