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Day 12. Freedom.

Work. Another mostly grey and fairly cold day.

At the end of work, I strangely said, “Alexa, play Janis Joplin.” Well, it was because a guy on Tinder had “Freedom is just another word....” in his profile. I was surprised how may Janis Joplin songs sounded familiar.

After six weeks of no carbs except for the occasional whiskey, I decided I could no longer resist the Mexican restaurant in town. So, I put makeup on (I didn’t turn my camera on for work) and got dressed (I didn’t turn my camera on for work hehehe). It was hard to decide what to eat but I ended up with an enchilada and a tamale with a vodka soda....and while I was on a roll, I got the sopapillas. Oh yeah, and a basket of tortilla chips and salsa. All good decisions! I couldn’t remember the last time that eating was so enjoyable. It was pure pleasure.

As I was leaving, I picked up the 2019 Summer on the Rio Grande guide...there was a stack of them. Time has stood still here.

Then it was time for a wander...endless gravel and dirt roads here. It was so strange because out in the middle of nowhere was a very official Rio Grande National Forest sign. Was in search of a place called the Natural Arch and after many miles on rocky and rutted roads, I came to the trailhead only to not be able to figure out where to go. I hadn’t the planned to wander so didn’t have a coat and it was 47 degrees so I decided I put my stubbornness aside and accept defeat and climbed back into my vehicle. I saw some great dispersed camping sites along the way. Completely desolate.

The amazing thing was the timing of that because I got to chase the light. The Pink Sunlight.

Is freedom just another word for choice?

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