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Day 16. Is that right?

I'm losing track.Thursday was a "normal" day although getting used to Mountain Time when my project is on EST is taking some time. I find myself getting up earlier and working until the same time. Not a good practice!

I did manage to have a fire on Thursday. I don't know that I'd call it successful. The weather changes so quickly in this area, from bright sunny skies, to rain and brutal wind. I started a fire one other night only to have the wind get immediately out of control so I put it out. Thursday was calm but it got really cold so I gave up again and curled up in the camper <why do I feel the need to name it?> to watch Notting Hill.

Friday started brutally early and by 1:30, I was burnt out. I declared freedom from work and thought about napping. Napping is an activity that eludes me though. I can rarely settle down enough to be released into afternoon oblivion. And the day was weird;it was mixed with a feeling of dread and anxiety. I keep feeling like work is going to tell me that it's time to go into the workplace.....wondering if that is going to cut my trip short.....and thinking about all the implications for my life. I was successful at putting the thought "on the shelf" and returning to it later even though the only progress I made on it was that I'll deal with it when I need to.

I started a conversation with Dalin, my neighbor. He's always full of useful information and has helped me since the moment I arrived at camp - taught me how to level my camper. We had a conversation about water pressure regulators, back up valves, hoses, city water and somehow that took us to routes and places we've been to, where were going.....and beet wine! That's right folks, BEET WINE! I scrunched my face up. Dalin says his wife makes homemade beet and peach wines. He doesn't like the beet wine and calls the peach wine moonshine.

A while later, I was sitting on a picnic table and FaceTiming with Cate who was collecting the stuff for Ben to bring me (he's leaving today) and out come Terri and Dalin with Mason jars full of wine and styrofoam cups. Terri had me start with the beet wine. She poured me a taste but I dumped some back in the jar, not wanting to waste it if I hated it. Guess what. It was slightly sweet with hints caramel - reminded me of some beers but I can't quite my finger on which. I told Dalin that he's crazy for not liking it. Then I tried the peach moonshine and immediately knew that I like the beet wine better. As we sat there, the temp dropped and it started to rain, so Terri and Dalin invited me into their camper.

It was weird stepping into what felt like an "actual room" after not having been in one for two weeks. I was greeted by Kasin and Sagar, their massive Dobermans, who when I first saw, I was taken immediately back to childhood memories. My dad had a not so up and up friend named Gunner. Gunner had dobermans and those dogs terrified me. I haven't liked them ever since but Kasin and Sagar paved new road for me. Sweet dogs that are eager for attention.

Terri, Dalin and I spent hours exchanging stories, laughing and drinking wine. And that is how a Friday night should be.

It's time for me to pack up camp and hit the road. I don't know where I'll end up tonight. Right now, the plan is some place closer to Arches National Park.

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