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Day 6. Settling in.

My second day working from the road. Yesterday, I got off to a rocky start with work meetings. They kept dropping and I was filled with emotional dread. “Was this going to be an impossible endeavor?” I called support at and I can’t say enough about how amazing their customer service is. I’ve really not experienced anything close to it that I can remember. They had two guys working on it and hooked me into a tower that doesn’t interrupt work. I watched deer graze right outside my camper as I participated in a morning meeting.

I moved my office to outside in the afternoon and ended up with a sunburnt nose today. Went for a walk and went to the grocery store, ate dinner while watching the sky and planning escapades.

Great Sand Dunes National Park is an hour away and there’s a cute town called Creede that I might visit one night after work.

Oh, and the 15 yo boy humor part of me hates the name of my camper so I started peeling off the decals last night. No more Bushwhacker Plus.

What do you think about the new version? I was giggling. I haven’t finished.

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