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Day 7. A new way of being.

So, yesterday was interesting. I had a melancholy moment when I wondered if being on the road might be a bad decision. I left home at the very time that I could start hanging out with people again and that was something I was desperately looking forward to. I also wondered what I should do with myself when I close my laptop each day. I don’t have a house to clean or projects to do. How do I entertain myself? I walked past my sweatshirt hanging inside out and saw the label. It reminded me that it will be ok. I just need to learn a new way of being.

I found a national park ranger office with a map of all the roads in the parks nearest me. I’m going to wander those roads soon. (By the way, I arrived at shift, there were definitely some sites to see there - I thought about returning the next day!)

I also discovered there’s a drive-in movie theater... something for the weekend? I cleaned my kitchen and did laundry today and hung it. It will be ok...and I will get reacquainted with me.

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