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Day 9. Presto chango. Vacation.

Wow. What a day. It was the first day that I woke up and didn’t have to hop onto a meeting. Leisurely made coffee, got dressed and made an Amazon order - because I’m figuring out the things I MUST have that I didn’t understand before.

I set off for Great Sand Dunes National Park. Only an hour away. Beautiful drive. Stopped at the Visitor Center. Not much to see there. Then hike to the base of the sand dunes. Opens up to a creek. Bare feet time!! Felt good. Didn’t want to get out. I just turned around in circles in the middle of the water taking it all in. Then I went and laid in the sand.

I stupidly left without eating and didn’t take food with me. I was watching the people around me with their picnics and desperately just wanting a piece of cheese! Brought my Bluetooth speaker and laid there long enough to turn pink. Hiked back to the visitor center and then found the primitive 4wd road and tried out the terrain modes on my car. I’ve decided I need more clearance! I kept going even though I was hungry!! Then I pulled off to find a waterfall. Straight up half mile hike. Still hungry!! Stubborn. Finally headed back to my site and there was an ihop. Two eggs sunny side up and 4 sausages with decaf coffee at 5:30pm. Finally.

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